Let’s face it: it’s HARD to always be “on” when you’re at work. No
matter how much you try, even the best-laid plans and schedules break
down; sometimes it seems like all the forces are against you. You can
get discouraged, weary, frustrated and unfocused. You can blame your
boss, your spouse, interruptions, computer crashes, too much work, too
little time…the list goes on and on.

When it comes right down to it, though, we each have to take
responsibility for our work environments. It’s up to us to create
pride and excellence in our workplaces. We need to take responsibility
for our own productivity, morale, creativity, motivation and sense of
humor that we bring to our work.

You say “but stuff just happens that I have no control over.” That’s
true. “Stuff” will happen, so it’s your job to come up with disaster
prevention and back-up plans. Interruptions and snafus don’t need to
become setbacks. Lists and schedules make the world go round. Be sure
to prioritize, and take note of a few things that could be
realistically postponed, if need be. Speaking of realism…be
realistic in estimating how long it will take you to do the tasks at

Computer maintenance can make a big difference in minimizing downtime.
Regular virus scans, firewalls, defragmentation, and file back-ups are
crucial to maintaining computer health and well-being.

There are a few well-known organizational tips worth repeating. My
personal favorite is not touching mail more than once. I sit down with
the mail at my desk, waste basket on one side, file cabinet at the
other, and sticky notes in front of me. If it’s junk, toss. If you can
deal with it right now, do it, then toss it or add a sticky note with
the details and file it. You aren’t going to deal with it right away?
Then sticky note and file it. Do NOT just add it to a pile on your
desk. Can you tell piles of papers are my personal Waterloo?

My other favorite is standing up when someone comes into my workplace.
It doesn’t matter who it is or what’s the reason. The message to
myself is: this is my workplace and I am here to work. If I’m not
seated, chances are my guest won’t sit down either. It’s a bit more
polite than just continuing to work without looking up…and if you do
that, chances are the guest will still sit down.

Here is where a back-up plan is important. Have it already in your
head what you will say if you are interrupted. “I’m busy at the
moment, can you come back in____ minutes…hours”… whatever
works. “Would you like to make an appointment?” “I’m taking a break
at_____, would you like to join me?” And so on.

This even works when I’m working at my computer at home and the cat
comes in. She loves to sit on my hands on the keyboard! or my lap, or
right in front of the monitor. I stand up (no lap) and I even make an
appointment with her (in my own mind of course!)… to play, feed her,
watch tv for a few minutes so she can sit on my lap; sometimes we play
Catch the Cursor for a couple minutes… something. She quickly leaves
or curls up somewhere else if I’m not sitting down.

You may be thinking that productivity and organization are a lot
easier to take responsibility for than motivation, morale, creativity
and humor. Is your boss refusing to give you a raise, no matter how
well you do your work. Maybe the job has no room for creativity, and
humor is OK in small doses, but not really appreciated. Is it your own
work ethic nagging at you to work constantly? Maybe it’s your spouse
nagging you with money worries, or feeling neglected.

In order for you to be a healthy, fulfilled human being, you need
these qualities in your life. Creatively bring your own suggestions
and solutions to the table. You need your sense of humor to maintain a
healthy perspective. Expressing yourself creatively is as important as
the supporting yourself financially; so brainstorm with others,
research, its up to you to find the innovative solutions. You need the
breaks, so take them. And if your spouse misses you, take the vacation

If no matter how hard you try, you can’t get a grip on your lifestyle,
then its time for YOU to change it. Consider a new job, being your own
boss, or a new affiliate program. Pride and excellence are up to YOU.
It’s YOUR life.

By Admin