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Steps to Consider When you Need to Sell a House Fast

Needing to sell your home quickly can happen for any number of reasons – a new job in another area, an urgent need for cash, or impending foreclosure. Regardless of the situation, selling a property fast requires strategic preparation and decision-making to achieve the rapid sale you require. Follow these key steps when you need to urgently sell a house fast.

Get An Accurate Valuation

Start by working with reputable estate agents to value your home. Provide details like square footage, number of bedrooms/bathrooms, any improvements made, general condition and neighbourhood. Ask for a realistic recommended list price based on current market data and comparable sold properties. Avoid over-inflating the price, as an overpriced house can languish unsold for months. Price it competitively right from the start to generate quick interest.

Prepare The Property

To make your home as appealing as possible, thoroughly clean and declutter it inside and out. Make any needed repairs and touch up paintwork in neutral colours. Tend the garden and improve kerb appeal. You want prospective buyers to view it as move-in ready. Consider staging it with rented furniture so buyers can imagine themselves living there. Be as flexible as possible for viewings too.

Market The Sale

Your agent should employ both traditional and digital marketing to promote the listing widely. This includes quality photos, floorplans and detailed descriptions on major property portals, plus exposure across the agent’s contacts database and network. Use social media and neighbourhood groups to boost visibility. Your goal is to reach as many potential buyers as possible, as quickly as possible when you need a fast sale.

Consider Sealed Bids

To accelerate the sales process, you could opt for a ‘sealed bid’ approach where all interested parties submit their best offer in writing by a set deadline for review all at once. This not only moves things along faster but can spark bidding wars that drive up the final price.

Be Responsive & Flexible

Serious buyers nearly always want to move quickly. To keep deals from stalling, be extremely responsive to inquiries and requests. Reply promptly, allow last-minute viewings, send info quickly and accommodate follow-up visits. Say “yes” as often as possible. Ask your agent to follow up frequently so buyers know you are motivated to sell fast.

Explore Company Purchase

Selling directly to a property buying company guarantees a fast sale, as they will make an offer based on an inspection, and then finalise contracts within days. You skip the open market process. While you may take a discount on price, it secures a quick, certain sale. For those who need to sell fast due to their circumstances, this avenue is worth exploring.


Needing a rapid house sale often comes with life changes and challenges. But following these key steps – smart pricing, thorough preparation, aggressive marketing, sealed bids, responsiveness and exploring company purchases – can help you achieve the quick sale you need in today’s market. With the right strategy, you can sell houses fast.

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