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Rocket Mortgage Launches “Inflation Buster” Program to Ease Homebuyers’ Financial Strain

In response to the rising challenges posed by inflation and affordability concerns, Rocket Mortgage has unveiled a groundbreaking initiative to alleviate the financial burden on homebuyers. The “Inflation Buster” program, a brainchild of Rocket Mortgage and its wholesale arm, Rocket Professional TPO, is set to make a significant impact on homebuyers’ monthly mortgage payments, offering a reprieve during the crucial first year of their loan.

Inflation Buster: A Beacon of Relief

In an effort to combat the impact of high inflation, Rocket Mortgage introduces the “Inflation Buster” program, designed to reduce homebuyers’ monthly mortgage payments by a substantial one percentage point for the initial year of their loan. This move aims to make homeownership more accessible and manageable for borrowers, especially in the face of economic uncertainties and inflationary pressures.

How It Works

Under the program, Rocket Mortgage will cover the difference in mortgage payments during the first 12 months through a special escrow account. For Rocket Professional TPO, the funding will be provided by home sellers or real estate agents, similar to a buydown program recently introduced by United Wholesale Mortgage. This innovative approach demonstrates Rocket’s commitment to fostering affordability and supporting homeowners in the crucial early stages of their mortgage journey.

Real Savings for Homebuyers

To illustrate the impact of the “Inflation Buster” program, Rocket provides an example of a homebuyer with a $400,000, 30-year fixed-rate mortgage at 5.75% interest. In a typical scenario, the borrower would pay around $2,334 in principal and interest. However, with the “Inflation Buster” program, the monthly payment would drop by over 10% to approximately $2,086. This translates to a total savings of $2,972.40 in the first year of the loan, offering tangible relief to homeowners facing financial challenges.

Strategic Synergy: The Rate Drop Advantage

Rocket Mortgage emphasizes the synergy between the “Inflation Buster” program and the previously launched Rate Drop Advantage initiative. The latter, introduced in July, covers a portion of closing costs for refinance transactions if interest rates decrease and borrowers refinance within three years of purchasing a home. This two-pronged approach places buyers in a favorable position, providing unmatched benefits and flexibility in navigating the dynamic mortgage landscape.

Bob Walters, CEO of Rocket Mortgage, highlights the strategic advantage of these programs, stating, “The Inflation Buster pairs well with the Rate Drop Advantage program, which covers many of the costs to refinance when interest rates drop. Combined, these put buyers in the driver’s seat with unmatched benefits.”

Rocket’s Adaptive Strategies

In the backdrop of intensified competition, economic uncertainties, and a contracting mortgage origination market, Rocket Mortgage continues to innovate and adapt. The institution has introduced various products and raised its loan limits to cater to a broader spectrum of borrowers and brokers. Amidst these strategies, the “Inflation Buster” program stands out as a proactive response to current economic challenges, demonstrating Rocket’s commitment to supporting homebuyers and ensuring homeownership remains a viable and sustainable endeavor.

Rocket Mortgage’s “Inflation Buster” program emerges as a beacon of relief in an economic landscape marked by inflation and affordability concerns. As Rocket continues to roll out initiatives to meet the evolving needs of homebuyers, these programs exemplify a commitment to financial flexibility, empowerment, and making homeownership more achievable for a diverse range of individuals. In an era where economic dynamics are rapidly shifting, Rocket Mortgage stands out as a proactive and innovative force in the mortgage industry, paving the way for a more accessible and resilient housing market.

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