Market Lakeside Residential: Embracing Waterfront Living in South Jakarta

The property market, particularly in the residential segment, is witnessing signs of a revival. In response to the growing demand for premium housing options, PT Pakuan Tbk and PT Diamond Development Indonesia have come together to launch the LakeSeries premium residential area in the Shila at Sawangan housing complex. This article delves into the features and unique aspects of this lakeside residential development that promises an exceptional living experience.

The Concept: Waterfront Living

LakeSeries is a distinctive premium residential cluster within the Shila at Sawangan housing complex, offering a unique waterfront living concept. The entire development is designed to resemble lakeside villas, surrounded by lush green landscapes spanning an area of 207,953 square meters (m2).

Clusters and Premium Plots

LakeSeries is divided into two main clusters: Lake Vista and Laguna. Additionally, there are two premium plots: South Lake and The Forest. Each residence within these clusters offers picturesque lake views, contributing to a serene and tranquil ambiance.

  • Lake Vista Cluster
    The Lake Vista cluster comprises three types of residences: Portico, Tudor, and Pavilion. Each residence is crafted with a modern architectural style, allowing residents to enjoy various advantages. These include the use of aesthetically pleasing materials, visually appealing designs, side terraces, and double-height ceilings that enhance natural lighting and air circulation.
  • Laguna Cluster
    The Laguna cluster features two types of residences: Veranda and Mondrian. Like its counterpart, the Laguna residences boast modern and unique architectural designs, ensuring a comfortable and luxurious living experience.
Lakeside Residential
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Luxurious Living by the Lake

As a premium residential area, LakeSeries offers 30 exclusive facilities to cater to the needs and desires of its residents. These facilities are thoughtfully designed to support a modern lifestyle, making LakeSeries an enticing prospect for those seeking a classy and comfortable living environment.

Embracing Sustainable Development

LakeSeries is more than just a residential development; it is an embodiment of sustainable development principles. The project aims to harmonize with nature while providing residents with state-of-the-art amenities and infrastructure.

Visionary Leadership and Quality Control

The success of previous projects by PT Diamond Development Indonesia, such as the TheGrove and Tilia clusters, speaks volumes about their commitment to quality and consumer satisfaction. The development of LakeSeries adheres to strict standards to exceed customer expectations, ensuring a living experience that goes beyond the ordinary.

Lakeside Residential
The Shila at Sawangan

Shila at Sawangan: An Ideal Location

The Shila at Sawangan housing complex boasts a strategic location, nestled amidst expansive green open spaces and a picturesque 26-hectare natural lake. This residential area forms part of the Vasanta Eco Town township, which also features the commercial area of Senopati Boulevard, a 2-kilometer (km) shopping street.

LakeSeries at Shila at Sawangan presents an enticing opportunity for those seeking an elevated and picturesque living experience in the heart of South Jakarta. With its waterfront living concept, premium clusters, and commitment to sustainable development, LakeSeries promises to be an iconic lakeside residence in the region.

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