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How to Get Over Your Anxiety While Studying For a Test

As a professional private tutor I’ve been helping students of all ages get ready for tests for years now.

Anxiety is a factor that sometimes cripples a student’s performance for no good reason at all. Exam anxiety is largely a figment of one’s imagination yet real in its effects.

Here is my Number One recommendation to all students who’d like to get test anxiety under control:

Prepare, prepare, and then prepare some more again.

If you devote enough time to preparing for the test, repeat that aloud as a positive affirmation.

Repeat to yourself: “I’ve devoted a lot of time preparing for this test; therefore I know I have a high chance of being successful.”

No matter which study program you are following, complete all the recommended homework and preparatory quizzes. Universitas Swasta di Bandung If necessary, study some more and try them again. The idea is to convince yourself that you’ve done all you can to get ready for the test.

The anxiety is usually due to our wonderful inner voice which knows and tell us that we are not ready yet. A thorough preparation removes that factor from our inner space.

When you’re convinced you are doing very well at the preparatory homework phase, Konseling Online repeat to yourself: “I’m doing very well with these homework assignments and doing well on the preparatory quizzes as well. Therefore I think I’ll do pretty well at the real exam as well. There’s no reason why I should not do well at the test.”

The day before the exam don’t do anything that would get you very tired for the next day. Do not run a marathon the day before, for example.

The night before, get a full 8 hours of sleep. Go to bed early to get up early on the morning of the exam.

On the morning of the exam, eat a good fresh breakfast high in protein and vitamins. BUT stay away from salty greasy spicy fried stuff. Make sure you visit the rest room before entering the test room.

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