Chandler Square in Port Jefferson Village Gets New Owner

In the heart of Port Jefferson Village, Long Island, New York, lies a beloved shopping center known as Chandler Square. This charming spot has been a local favorite for its unique blend of shops, eateries, and apartments. It’s a place where you can sip on locally brewed beer, indulge in a delicious ice cream cone, or find that perfect pair of trendy shoes. Recently, Chandler Square found itself with a new owner, The Northwind Group, after being acquired for $8.2 million.

Chandler Square: A Unique Gem

Chandler Square is no ordinary shopping center. It’s a mixed-use property that consists of three separate buildings, housing 12 retail spaces and 24 rental apartments. Among its diverse tenants are The Port Jeff Brewing Company, Slurp Ramen, the seasonal Chandler Square Ice Cream shop, and artist Jennifer Hannaford’s gallery. The property spans 45,000 square feet and sits on a .83-acre parcel of land.

In its heyday, Chandler Square was a bustling hub of activity, drawing locals and tourists alike with its vibrant atmosphere. However, in recent times, the property has fallen into disrepair, leaving its future uncertain.

The Northwind Group: A Vision for Change

Enter The Northwind Group, a real estate company that recognized the potential of Chandler Square. The group specializes in identifying and redeveloping properties with untapped potential, and Chandler Square fit perfectly into their portfolio. Jim Tsunis, the owner of The Northwind Group, expressed his enthusiasm for the acquisition, stating that Chandler Square aligns with the boutique brand they aim to bring to Port Jefferson.

Port Jefferson, with its picturesque harbor and charming streets, is a prime location for such a vision. Tsunis envisions transforming Chandler Square into a more modern and inviting space while preserving its unique character and appeal.

Immediate Plans and Long-Term Vision

The immediate plans for Chandler Square involve bringing the property up to The Northwind Group’s high standards. This includes addressing any maintenance or repair issues that may have contributed to the property’s decline. Ensuring that the retail spaces are in top condition is a priority.

Jim Tsunis expressed his long-term goal for Chandler Square, which is to make it the showpiece of the Village of Port Jefferson. This ambitious vision underscores The Northwind Group’s commitment to revitalizing and enhancing this beloved local landmark.

However, before implementing any major renovations or changes, The Northwind Group plans to collaborate with village officials to ensure that their vision aligns with the community’s needs and desires. They aim to strike a balance between modernization and preserving the unique charm that has made Chandler Square a cherished spot in Port Jefferson.

The Impact on the Community

Port Jefferson Mayor Margot Garant expressed the village’s excitement about the changes that The Northwind Group will bring to Chandler Square. The hope is that this new ownership will infuse fresh energy and upgrades into this vital corner and outdoor plaza, which had unfortunately been neglected for an extended period.

The residents and visitors of Port Jefferson are eager to see the transformation of Chandler Square into a vibrant and inviting destination once again. It has the potential to become a gathering place for the community, offering a mix of dining, shopping, and entertainment options.

The History of Chandler Square

Chandler Square has a rich history within Port Jefferson Village. Over the years, it has been home to various businesses and has undergone several transformations. The property’s unique layout, with multiple buildings housing diverse tenants, adds to its distinctive character.

For many locals, Chandler Square holds a special place in their hearts, as it has been a backdrop for countless memories, from enjoying summer ice cream cones to discovering one-of-a-kind treasures in its shops.

The Role of Real Estate Agent Maria Palmar

Real estate agent Maria Palmar played a significant role in the sale of Chandler Square to The Northwind Group. She had been leasing both the retail and residential units at Chandler Square for approximately 15 years on behalf of the former owner. During her tenure, she successfully attracted a variety of businesses to the property, including the Port Jefferson Brewery, Shoe Tabu, Sweet and Savory, and Renaissance.

Maria Palmar’s deep connection to Chandler Square and her extensive experience in the area made her an instrumental figure in facilitating the sale. She had been actively seeking a buyer for Chandler Square for two years when Jim Tsunis of The Northwind Group expressed his keen interest in acquiring the property. It was through her efforts and negotiations that the sale was finalized.

A Bright Future for Chandler Square

As Chandler Square embarks on this new chapter with The Northwind Group, the local community eagerly anticipates the positive changes and enhancements that lie ahead. The revitalization of this iconic shopping center has the potential to breathe new life into Port Jefferson Village and create a vibrant space for residents and visitors to enjoy.

While Chandler Square may have experienced some neglect in recent years, its future appears brighter than ever under the ownership of The Northwind Group. With a commitment to preserving its unique character and modernizing its facilities, this beloved local gem is poised for a remarkable transformation.

As The Northwind Group collaborates with village officials and takes steps to bring Chandler Square up to its highest standards, the community can look forward to witnessing the evolution of this cherished Port Jefferson landmark. From strolling along its charming streets to enjoying local cuisine and boutique shopping, Chandler Square is on its way to becoming a thriving and inviting destination once more.

In conclusion, Chandler Square’s acquisition by The Northwind Group represents a promising new chapter for this beloved Port Jefferson Village shopping center. With a shared vision for revitalization and enhancement, The Northwind Group and the local community anticipate a brighter and more vibrant future for Chandler Square.

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