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Real Estate Agent Accused of Grisly Double Murder Claims She’s Being “Framed”

Sherry Lee Heffernan, a 55-year-old real estate agent, has found herself at the center of a gruesome murder case, facing charges in the stabbing deaths of her 87-year-old father, John Enders, and his 75-year-old girlfriend, Francoise Pitoy, in their upscale Jersey Shore bayfront home. However, Heffernan vehemently denies the charges, asserting that she’s being wrongly accused, according to a report.

Heffernan’s Bizarre Court Appearance During a recent court appearance in Pennsylvania, Heffernan agreed to waive extradition to New Jersey to face two counts of murder and weapons violations. Her hearing took an unusual turn when she expressed bewilderment regarding the proceedings. She admitted to not being aware of any warrants for her arrest, saying, “I would have surrendered myself in New Jersey if I had known I was wanted for something.”

The “Framing” Claim Heffernan, who appeared in court represented by a public defender, maintained her innocence, even while being led out of the courtroom in handcuffs. She firmly stated, “Not guilty. I’m being framed.” She also requested a phone call to consult with a lawyer in New Jersey.

The Allegations Against Heffernan Police allege that Heffernan informed her father of her desire to become the broker for his property, which he subsequently declined. This apparent rejection reportedly led to her becoming “disgruntled.” A friend of the victims further informed authorities that Enders had recently altered his will, excluding Heffernan and another estranged daughter.

Surveillance footage captured a white RV, similar to one owned by Heffernan, arriving at her father’s residence with its headlights turned off in the early hours of September 29. The vehicle left an hour later. Four days later, police were alerted to the couple’s home, leading to the discovery of a horrific crime scene, marked by bloodstains and a discarded rubber glove.

Heffernan’s son, Joseph, disclosed to authorities that his mother’s relationship with Pitoy had deteriorated. He claimed that Heffernan considered Pitoy a “gold digger” who was pressuring Enders to sell his beachfront property.

Legal Proceedings and Pending Charges Sherry Lee Heffernan is currently being held without bail in Chester County Jail as she awaits her extradition hearing. She also faces unrelated criminal charges in Pennsylvania for retail theft and receiving stolen property.

The case has captivated the public’s attention, as the accused real estate agent contends that she is a victim of framing, while authorities assert that evidence points to her involvement in the tragic double murder.

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